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July 26, 2010 / allcoveredinvines

No Shoes On

No Shoes On by Maxine Worthy

“No Shoes On” is a varied edition. The basic idea behind edition variation, as I understand it, is that the image is essentially the same, but because of the way it’s made, the artist cannot claim that each print is identical with another. (The goal with a traditional edition is that each print is as similar as possible to the other prints in the edition.)

With “No Shoes On” I added a lot of transparent base to the ink, which caused the ink to dry quickly and prevented it from penetrating some areas of the screen. I also continued putting down layers of ink until I liked the tone, so the colors in each print differ from the others. The variation in color is much too dramatic to try to call it a “straight” edition, in my mind.

I’m happy with how these three turned out. I started with seven, and only three turned out. The high mortality rate is one reason why I’m selling them for a bit more than my other pieces ($145).


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